The Podcast that discusses Chinese History and Culture through Historical Chinese Dramas.

Podcast Format

Chasing Dramas follows each episode of a historical drama to analyze Chinese culture and history. The podcast is in English with proper nouns and certain Chinese phrases spoken in Mandarin Chinese. The podcast hosts speak, read and write both languages fluently.



Episode Recap

Each podcast episode starts with a recap of what happened in the drama episode with key events explained in English.


Historical Analysis

The dramas discussed in this podcast are filled with historical and cultural references. We do our best to analyze and even critique the history presented in the dramas


Differences from the Book

Dramas are usually based off of books. For the Story of Ming Lan, Cathy has read the book the drama is based on (in Chinese) and is able to provide additional context from the book to help better explain the drama

The hit 2018 drama that created a craze around Song Dynasty and helped reintroduce the green wedding dress.

The Story of Ming Lan – In Progress

Set during the Northern Song Dynasty, the drama follows the story of Ming Lan, an unfavored daughter of a low ranking official, as she tries to abide by strict societal rules while also trying to navigate the complex political and familial webs of her and her husband’s family. The podcast goes over Song Dynasty history under Song Ren Zong and Song Ying Zong’s reign.

The smash 2011 drama that catapulted many of its stars to the A-list, this drama is a classic that is still wildly popular today.

Empresses in the Palace – Complete

Set during the reign of Emperor Yong Zheng during the Qing Dynasty, the young woman Zhen Huan enters the palace and becomes a concubine in the Emperor’s harem. The drama follows her life with all its trials and tribulations from a young, naïve, concubine to the Empress Dowager of China. 

This podcast covers key Qing Dynasty political officials and policies during Yong Zheng’s reign as well as the customs of the imperial harem.