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The Story of Ming Lan


The drama follows the life of Sheng Ming Lan during the Northern Song Dynasty in China, staring Zanilia Zhao as Sheng Ming Lan, Feng Shao Feng as Gu Ting Ye and Zhu Yi Long as Qi Heng.


First premiering in 2018, this drama has garnered many awards and rave reviews. This podcast aims to discuss the story as well as the history and culture presented in the drama which does an exceptional job representing Song dynasty culture.


This podcast is in English with proper nouns and certain Chinese phrases spoken in Mandarin Chinese

Sheng Ming Lan 盛明兰

The unfavored 6th daughter of a low ranking official. After the death of her mother, she is raised by her grandmother. The show follows her growth during the Northern Song dynasty.

Gu Ting Ye 顾廷烨

The second son of a Marquis, Gu Ting Ye has both brains and brawn but his troubled youth lead him down a winding path. Inspired by Ming Lan, he pushes for a better future.

Qi Heng 齐衡

Respectful, handsome and well-mannered, he is the sole heir to  a Duke. Intent on marrying Ming Lan after meeting her during their school days, he soon recognizes the weight of his position and title.