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Currently Discussing: The Longest Day in Chang An (长安十二时辰)


A 2019 hit show, this 48 episode drama depicts the events in the 24 hours of the Lantern Festival in 744AD under the reign of Emperor Tang Xuan Zong Li Long Ji. A terrorist plot was uncovered by Jing An Si (The Department of City Security). The Chief, a young Li Bi, orders the release of a local police captain Zhang Xiao Jing, who was on death row, accused of murdering the local magistrate. Li Bi needs a person such as Zhang Xiao Jing who operates in the gray zone between the local law enforcement and underground gangs to uncover the plot. The pair race against time to uncover the terrorist plot and the secret machinations at court before the plot can succeed on the night of the Lantern Festival.


Lei Jia Yin plays Zhang Xiao Jing. An ex-police captain, he was put on death row for the murder of a local magistrate but pulled from his death sentence to assist Li Bi  to foil a terrorist plot. Throughout the drama, we see how Zhang Xiao Jing operates and what he holds most dear to himself. 


Jackson Yee plays Li Bi, the chief of The Department of City Security. He was a Chinese Go prodigy, and upon reaching adulthood, became a member of court. He is decisive yet meticulous. His primary goal is the safety of the people of Chang’an but he’s also deeply loyal to the Crown Prince. He’ll do everything he can to protect the Prince’s position. 

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