A League of Nobleman (2023) 君子盟

Summary:  Set in the fictional Yong Empire, Lan Jue 兰珏 (ft Jing bo ran 井柏然) is a Vice-Minister in the Ministry of Rites. He’s locked in constant battle with the other officials at court. During a secret operation, Lan Jue’s operation is thwarted by Zhang Ping 张屏 (ft Song Wei Long 宋威龙), a young idealistic man, who came to the capital to take his imperial entrance exams. Zhang Ping surprises everyone with his logic and reasoning abilities and accurately solves the case in record time. Lan Jue is disappointed that his operation failed but is also bemused that this young man was able to so easily upend what he thought was a fool-proof plan. As the drama continues, the two become both friends and teachers towards each other. They, along with a group of young gentlemen, jointly investigate cases and the mysteries of their own pasts to bring peace to the Empire.


Total Episode Count: 29

Initial Airing Date: Jan 30, 2023

Platform: Tencent


*Note – most English translations are my own and may not exactly match Tencent’s official translations


Initial: 7.5/10 – A fast past case-solving drama that revolves around political factions at court and a mysterious decimation of a village is led by two well-matched characters. The beautiful set design and costumes make for an entertaining watch. Warning! There are some jump scares along the way!




Main Characters


兰珏 Lan Jue – 井柏然 Jing Bo Ran

The always elegant and upright gentleman had a little known and tough upbringing. The son of a disgraced minister, he clawed his way to his position at court. Despite his politicking, he strives to find the moral solution for the people. He admires Zhang Pings detective skills and the two collaborate to solve the mysteries plaguing the empire and of his past.

张屏 Zhang Ping – 宋威龙 Song Wei Long

The intelligent but bright young scholar makes a living of selling noodles on the street in the capital city to support himself as he prepares for the imperial exams. His dream is to enter the Court of Judicature and Revision so that he can meet the author of his favorite detective stories. He surprises and impresses everyone when he is able to solve a cleverly devised operation by Lan Jue. The two team up to solve mysteries in the Empire.

王砚 Wan Yan – 洪尧 Hong Yao

A Vice-Minister in the Ministry of Justice, he is Lan Jue’s best friend. He also helps solve cases whenever he is needed and always has his friend’s best intentions at heart. He develops a friendly rivalry with Zhang Ping to see who can solve cases the fastest.

Plot Overview

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Overall Thoughts

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