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16 ep in - 

Can I say that I am laughing non-stop when Wang Yan Lin (who plays Jiang Yu) is on screen? I read a comment somewhere how Wei Da Xun has changed public perception of him as Meng Yan Chen but Wang Yan Lin is still Wang Yan Lin. And I honestly agree. He cracks me up so much when he's on screen honestly just by standing there. At least Jiang Yu is such a bro. He makes me happy every time I see him. 

Also, there's a trending hashtag on weibo today that had me dying. I can't remember exactly what it was but it was something like "have I become the female leads mom?" It was in response to how Xu Qin told her over controlling mother that the bowl of congee Song Yan made her made her feel like home for the first time. Her mom's response in the drama was like "What about the fact that your dad bought you an apartment, your brother bought you a car to help make your work life easier? That doesn't make us family or feel like home?" A bunch of comments came up saying, Xu Qin, if you don't want this lifestyle, can I have it instead? I want that house! I want that car! I want the opportunity to just go study abroad and be a badass doctor! Can your overcontrolling but insanely wealthy mother be MY mother?  Hahahahaha



ep 18 -

Sadly, it seems my initial score of 7/10 is definitely too high. The more we progress in the show the less interesting it becomes BECAUSE it focuses too much on the will they won't they component of Xu Qin and Song Yan's romance. It is NOT a healthy romance and should not be idolized! 

Seriously, the secondary characters of Suo Jun, Jiang Yu and Meng Yan Chen are so much more interesting. Jiang Yu! You're the best! And the other members of the fire fighting squad? They are so adorable!

Though Meng Yan Chen's help of that college girl Ye Zi is problematic. She's clearly not a good person either. But whatever, Wei Da Xun is having such a burst in popularity right now I find it absolutely hilarious since I've seen him in a lot of reality/variety shows. Definitely check those out for a good time! Many of them are on youtube! 


ep 24 -

Argh... I don't know if I want to continue finishing this drama. Xu Qin as a character I just don't understand. Outside of the romantic stuff, many of her viewpoints on her profession and that of others are head scratching. She's not empathetic which causes me to question how Xu Qin is able to get a medical degree with that attitude. Can you even go through years of grueling medical training, exams, face patients every day and all that jazz just to say that being a doctor is just a job? 

There are plenty of issues in general for the medical component of this drama. Why did Xu Qin need to do training with the fire fighters when paramedics exist? Isn't that the paramedics job to help in disaster situations so more specialized doctors can focus on treating their patients in a hospital? 

The best parts of this drama remain the fire fighters and the adorable squad. I'm even losing interest in Meng Yan Chen given his storyline with Ye Zi...

This drama only needed to be 20 eps max.


Feel free to jump in with your thoughts!


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I hate to admit I don't know what city the story takes place, but I suspect we're looking at a 2nd Tier city with 3 million people or more. A couple of scenes stood out as a bit too much of a stretch to be believable. The first where the kid that crawled out over the balcony that "just happened" to be directly above Xu Qin's apartment, and of course when Song Yan rescues Xu Qin's BFF in the restaurant fire. I get "suspending disbelief", but c'mon man...

In total agreement with the "eye candy" aspects of the main leads here, but 16 episode later I still don't find either main character particularly compelling or likeable. In contrast I loved Yang Yang & Dilraba in You Are My Glory and found their onscreen chemistry to be off the charts.

I really hope I'm wrong, but I seriously worry about Jiang Yu making to the end of this drama